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Check out our mash paddle!Making an Extra Special Bitter at the Annex by EpicJess and Misty Mix the ESB Mash at the Annex by EpicEdna & Jamie show us how to get the grain out of the lauter tunCider tasting is delicious! April 2014 MeetingTiffany, Becky and Emily signing calendars 2We donated $800 to the YWCA from our 2014 Calendar Proceeds!Check out these strong ladiesMashing in stout maltFun times with these ladies making many gallons of stoutBig Stout Brew at Emmy Pie's houseJohanna and Kera are make brewing seem easyEmily signs something that makes Chelsea laugh, Rhonda ponders which beer to make nextMisty drinks some delicious Hopper's beer and looking lovelyEmily and Krin at Hop Bombshells 2014 Calendar signingTouring at Utah Brewers CooperativeJess is pouring grain for our 1st big brewHop Bombshells November 2013 Meeting, learning about StoutHop Bombshells November 2013 Meeting, this is what our meetings look likeDon't forget the irish mossJamie is very creative and made our sparging setupHop Bombshells 1st big brewTouring HoppersHop tasting in bud light. Next time we will do it with Weinhard's, or something that actually tastes like a beerThe many faces that come from hop tastingSLUG magazine photo shoot cheezyHaving fun tasting hopsNanomashing Expt #1A typical Hop Bombshells meeting: beer and great conversation at the Beer NutRhonda and Chelsea test the nanomashing jarsHop bombshells made Becky a medal for her 41 pt SaisonDon't forget your safety gear while brewingMash is at 152, set your timer for an hourSparge set up is ready, time for vorlaufHopbombshells Big Brew Summer 2013Jamie has a sweet brew set-upBecky presented with Hopbombshells medalBrittany doing the sanitizer shakeAnd we are cooling...2013 Bier Brauen Beer JudgingWe drink the beer as a beer judge, sometimes need to close your eyes to be one with the beerYou know you are a beer nerd when you have the BJCP style guidelines AppEmily Bird representing the Hop Bombshells as a steward in the 2013 Bier BrauenEmily Park smelling the aroma as a judge at the 2013 Bier BrauenOur 2nd Hop Bombshells Big Brew, it was cold but we made a lot of beer!

Upcoming Events:

Hop Bombshells Big Brew:

Roggenbiers (aka German Rye)

Sunday September 28th, Misty's house, Clinton 10am. Email us if you want to come brew with us.

Queen of Beer Homebrew Competition:

Register your Beers then drop them off to the Beer Nut by Oct 29th. Remember to bring a check with the entry amount made out  to H.A.Z.E

To register your Queen of Beer entry, please fill out and send a recipe form and bottle ID form with each entry shipped.

Each entry shall consist of: three (3) bottles free of commercial labels, raised marks of lettering, or other identifying markings that are not part of the official entry label. A 12 oz brown bottle is preferable. Clear or green bottles may be disqualified from an award.

When filling out your recipe and bottle forms, please give special attention to the category and style placements so that your brew will be judged according to the proper style. Entries are limited to one (1) per style, three (3) per category.

Please attach labels with a rubber band (no tape or glue).

Entries: $8.00 first entry - $6.00 each subsequent. 

Please make payment in U.S. funds to: H. A. Z. E. 
Please denote "Queen of Beer" (or just QOB) in the memo section.

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Thurs October 9th, 7pm

Lecture: Water in your Beer

Check out our new recipe page on BrewToad.com

 Cheers from the Hop Bombshells!

Photo by Leah Hogsten Photo of members of the Hopbombshells Brew Club, at the Beer Hive pub in Salt Lake City, September 9, 2013.


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