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Congratulations to our Hop Bombshells Homebrew Club members for winning 2nd place at the 2017 Beehive Brew-Off! Morgan Byrne won with her Citra SMaSH beer and Kelsey Booth won with her Czech Pale Lager. Here are the results:

Upcoming Events:

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Thurs September 14th, 7pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Weds September 20th, 7-9pm @ Erinn's house 

Activity: Making fermented Veggies

Please bring veggies to ferment/pickle. Email us for Erinn's address


Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Thurs October 12th, 7-9pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Activity: Making Cider 

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Weds October 18th, 7pm @ Bohemian Brewery

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Thurs November 9th, 7-9pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Activity: Beer & Food Pairing 

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Weds November 15th, 7pm @ Squatters Brewing

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Thurs December 14th, 7-9pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Activity: Cider Tasting, please bring your cider made in Oct 

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Weds December 20th, 7pm @ Fisher Brewing


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Check out our recipe page on BrewToad.com


 Cheers from the Hop Bombshells!

Photo by Leah Hogsten Photo of members of the Hopbombshells Brew Club, at the Beer Hive pub in Salt Lake City, September 9, 2013.


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